The Southwestern University, established in 1951, prides itself as the first medical school outside Manila. Southwestern University (SWU) is a private university in the Cebu City of the Philippines founded in 1946 by the pharmacist couple: Matias and Anunciacion Aznar. This University started as a college and then acquired its university status in 1959. This University has three campuses sprinkled all around the Cebu City. On April 23, 2015, the Aznar clan of Cebu has given up the family’s flagship business as it decided to sell its 56.83 per cent share worth P1.9 billion of the 70 years old Southwestern University to publicly-listed conglomerate PHINMA Corporation, an investment firm with interests in including property, energy, education, and business process outsourcing. SWU is hugely popular in the realm of medical studies and operates the Sacred Heart Hospital. The Southwestern University offers a complete circle of an education program beginning from providing the basic education, senior high, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees, besides allied medical courses such as medical technology and pharmacy. This University has schools in various branches of education like business and management, education, engineering, information technology, design, and communication, law, rehabilitative sciences, and veterinary medicine. Its span of education is immense and far-flung and Limra Educational Consultancy feels proud to associate itself with this magnificent seat of learning.

Having medicine as the flagship program of the institution, the Southwestern University continues to produce top-notch performers and maintain its forte on board rankings in the past years. As recent as in 2017, in the dentistry and medical technology boards, SWU graduates ranked 6th and 4th, respectively, on the said licensure exams. The School of Medicine has a longstanding reputation for educating and training physicians from different parts of the world, shaping them to become world-class practitioners who foster groundbreaking innovations through research to continuously improve healthcare delivery. More information can be procured about the University admission procedures etc. if you contact Limra Educational Consultancy.

Southwestern University PHINMA facts:

  • Three Southwestern University students competed in last 29th Southeast Asian Games on the volleyball and marathon categories that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • They are participants of various sports events held around the region such as the CESAFI Tournaments and the MILO Olympics.
  • UAAP two-time Most Valuable Player Ben Mbala is a former Southwestern University forward while 2017 FEU, yesterday’s basketball player Jasper Parker is also from SWU.

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