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  • Mock exam on topic, subject based.
  • Performance of each student will be analyzed and taken care of
  • Smart classrooms


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General Surgeon, President, Tamilnadu Surgeons Association.

Dear Mr. Mohammed Ghani,

Thank you very much for having invited me to be the Chief Guest for the ‘MCI Achievers’ Award’ function conducted on 26th January 2019. All the young doctors have expressed their intense satisfaction over the faculty and their classes on all 19 subjects.

It will not be an exaggeration if I say that the service you render for the past four years for the FMG students is something extraordinary and timely. I appreciate you and your team members who work tirelessly in promoting Medical Education in Tamilnadu.

I wish you all success.


Dr. J. Damodharan,

Additional Dean, Saveetha Medical College.

Dear Mr Ghani,

My participation in the ‘MCI Achievers’ Award’ function made me happy and gave me a new experience in the field of Medical Education. The FMG Candidates whom I met in the function had high praise for the excellent curriculum you devised and executed for them while conducting the coaching classes for the FMG Examination. They expressed extreme appreciation for the customized learning materials for all subjects. I have no reservation in recommending your FMGE Coaching Classes to the doctors who want to take up the ‘Screening Test’ of the MCI.


Prof. Dr. Manivannan,

Surgeon, Stanley Medical College, Chennai.

Dear Mr. Ghani,

Nowadays, pursuing the UG Course in medicine abroad has become easier, thanks to the excellent services of Institutes like Limra. But Limra Overseas Education is exceptional in the sense that it also renders assistance to the doctors by conducting ‘Coaching Classes’ that lead them to the FMG Examination with great success.

I come to note that the ‘LIME’ centre of LIMRA with its senior faculty drawn from medical colleges throughout India, the study materials they prepare and the individual attention they have for each and every student are some of the factors that are classic in their nature.

All these lead the doctors to pass the FMG exam in their first attempt itself with flying colours.

I wish you and the students to have a successful venture with FMGE.


Dr. P Kuganantham

Chief Physician, Communicable Diseases, SIMS Hospital, Chennai.

Dear Mr. Mohammed Ghani,

I must thank you for having given me a quiet new experience by way of participation in the ‘MCI Achievers’ Award’ function on 26th Jan 2019. All the doctors who were felicitated on that day unanimously expressed their appreciation and approbation for the Coaching Classes they had with your LIME Institute. I was deeply touched when they said that your coaching classes was a turning point and played a vital role in their lives in becoming a doctor. They were pointing out to me the Class Lectures, Customized Learning Materials, regular model examinations and individual attention that your faculty have shown to the students as something that they never heard of with any other coaching institute.

What you have been rendering for the FMG Students is something innovative and timely.

I wish all FMG Students utilize your classes and get success at the first stroke itself with flying colours.


Mohammed Ghani

Director, Limra Overseas Education, Chennai

Dear Friends,

The ‘MCI Achievers’ Award Function’ conducted on 26th Jan. 2019 along with the 16th Anniversary of Limra Overseas Education has made me immensely happy. Doctors with decades of experience, FMG students and their parents participated in the function and made it a great success.

My dream to pave the best and useful way to increase the number of doctors for our nation has become a reality with the number of beneficiaries of LIMRA crossing one thousand. This has become possible only because of the by the unwavering faith of the parents and their wards and to a great extent by the benign support that was extended to me by the learned senior doctors in Chennai and

For those who want to study M.B.B.S. at the Philippines medical Colleges, Limra makes the sailing smooth without any hitch and continue to help them even after completing their course of study by offering Coaching Classes for the FMG and NEET-PG examinations.

Once again I thank one and all who stood with me in making and continuing this great journey in the field of medical education.

Student Testimonials

Some of our Student's Success Stories

Dr.Danial Raj

The MCI - FMG Qualifying Examination has been an insoluble riddle for many of the doctors who have finished their UG studies abroad. But Limra Overseas Education at Chennai through its intensive coaching classes in a period of five and half months solved the problems. Regular revision of all 19 subjects, combined with the clinical experience schedule at a Multi Specialty Hospital gave me confidence and I got through at the first attempt itself.

Dr.Arjun Raj
(203 / 300)

I got groomed up as a doctor only due to the ever lending helping hand of Limra and its Director Mohammed Ghani. After completing the course, landing at Chennai, I joined the Coaching Classes Programme of Limra. Senior experienced faculty from all over India, well designed study materials for all 19 papers, week-end examinations, counseling on the performance of the Model Examination at month ends all these in a period of five and a half month took me to the winning post of getting through the exam at first go.

FAQ on MCI Screening Test

Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in India. Clearing this Screening Test for FMG is mandatory for students who hold an under graduate as well as post graduate medical degree from a foreign university in order to practise in India.

A good question. The doctors who study abroad have been educated and trained through various and varying situations. If they need to practise in India, they must have a knowledge of the environment in India, its people, diseases and the Health Plans that our Government offers. The MCI FMG Examination tests all these factors along with the subject taught in the medical course.

A section of doctors raised this issue. The Central Public Health Ministry constituted a committee of eminent professors who are not members of MCI and requested for a report on this issue. The committee took 11 question papers that were used between 2013 and 2015 and submitted a report stating that 53% of the questions had low difficulty and 42% with moderate difficulty. So there was no question with great difficulty.

‘Difficult’ and ‘Not difficult’ depend on our attitude. A concept which was difficult when taught may become easy when we get trained. It is like a student journalist trainee turning a seasoned journalist after the field work.

There are 19 subjects in the medical course. They are Obstetrics and Gynecology, Surgery, Medicine, Community Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, ENT, Bio Chemistry. Pharmacology, MicroBiology, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Radiology, Dermatology, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Preventive and Social Medicine and Psychiatry. Limra engages well experienced professors in these subjects to teach.

For this, Limra has entered into an MoU with the Academy for Foreign Medical Graduates (AFMG) at Delhi. Professors from this academy visit Chennai to conduct the coaching classes. Besides these classes, arrangements are made to give clinical exposure at Multi Specialty Hospitals for these trainee doctors. This makes their learning for the examination deep and intense.

Dr Aman Sethiya, Professor of Pathology is a gold medallist and is an expert in making his lectures very interesting for the trainees.

Dr. Arnika, Professor of Anatomy has more than 25 years of experience in this field. Dr. Mukh Mohith, Professor of Social and Preventive Medicine is noted for his narration of varied and varying things and making them relevant to the subject at the end. The trainees can easily score 25 out of 30 marks in this section. There are also other professors who are loved and admired by the trainees for their effective teaching. I must make a mention of them here.

Dr. Tharun, and Dr Aman Sethiya, (Pathology), Dr. Saravjeet and Dr Mayur (ENT), Dr. Amit and Dr Arnika (Anatomy) Dr. Aditya, and Dr.Priyansh (Bio-Chemistry), Dr. Ashish and Dr. Gupta (Pharmacology), Dr. Madhu, and Dr. Mukh Mohith (PSM), Dr. Soumen (Physiology), Dr. Ratnesh, Dr. Mohit, and Dr.Rajesh Gubba (Medicine), Dr. Vij and Dr. Mithilesh (Obstetrics & Gynecology), Dr.Rajarathna, (Ophthalmology), Dr.Desai (Surgery), and Dr.Murali (Orthopedics), Dr. Malcom Pinto (Dermatology), Dr. Mithilesh (Radiology), Dr. Sandeep Govil (Psychiatry), Dr.A.K. Sethiya (Anesthesia) and Dr. Soundarya (Forensic Medicine).

Three years back, MCI FMG training classes were conducted only at Delhi. When Limra started conducting them at Chennai, all doctors felt that their long felt need was materialised by Limra. Our model examinations were considered the best.

• During 2017, 59 candidates got through the examination and all of them at their first attempt. Three doctors got All India Ranks. Last year, in 2018, the number of doctors who cleared the examination was 89. This amounts to 82%.

Classes are conducted for 400 hours and the model examinations and discussions take 200 hours. These 600 hours are met within a span of Five and a half month period. Now we conduct short term classes for those who come on vacation to India during their studies

The exam is conducted for a maximum of 300 marks. It is enough if one gets 150 marks. The examination is conducted in two sessions of 150 marks and 2.5 hours each. It is conducted in computer systems at centres in Coimbatore and Chennai. The exam fee is Rs.5,500 and application has to be submitted online only. Additional information can be had from

"Yes, it is true. The reasons are:"

  1. Most of the doctors do not take up this MCI FMG examination immediately after completing the course abroad. They join in private hospitals as Assistants to regular doctors. Moreover, one can take this examination any number of times. This makes them take the examination without serious preparation. One can notice that those who take up this examination immediately after the completion of the course get through the examination.
  2. 60% of the doctors who fail in this examination scores 10 marks less for a pass. It is because they did not have proper coaching for this examination. Hence I sincerely advise the students to take up the examination only after getting training at the coaching classes. Those who get at least 4 months training in a coaching class centre easily gets through at the first attempt and with better score.