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About Southwestern University

The Metro City Cebu is called “The centre of medical universities” which houses six world-famous medical universities. It is located in Cebu island which is filled with natural resources in a serene beautiful locale. This was the first capital of the Philippines with migrants from Spain. Among the six medical universities, the South Western Medical University has a tradition of 72 years of service in Medical Education.

Limra Overseas Education, Chennai has been recently accredited as its representative in Tamilnadu for five-year term from 2018 to 2022. Following are some of the special features of this university.

South Western Medical University was established in 1946. On its 72nd year of service now, its growth is seen as a manifold. Its various degree programs in UG, PG and research have attracted thousands of students from all over the world. Its medical course on Ophthalmology combined with modern technological developments has attracted the attention of the medical fraternity all over the world.

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Commendable and characteristic features of Southwestern University

  • The South Western University in Cebu City, Philippines has three campuses situated in a sprawling area of more than 10 acres.
  • This university has got the accreditation as the “best university” by the World Health Organisation, UNO. The Medical Council of India (MCI) has given recognition and approves the medical courses conducted by this university and permits the medical graduates of this university to practise in India. It is to be noted that most of the medicine that this medical university requires for treating its patients are exported from India.
  • The American System of Medical Education is being taught in the South Western Medical University and English is the medium of instruction.
  • In this traditional and old medical university, the courses are taught with the modern digital equipment like the Three Dimension Simulator, Anatomage Table and Simulation Lab.
  • Five Multi Specialty Hospitals with 4000 beds facility are attached to this university to provide clinical experience to the medical students.
  • Unlike other universities, B.S. the Pre-medicine course is taught in this university itself. A special feature to note is that medical subjects are introduced in the pre medicine course only in this university. Educational Scholarship is provided to the foreign students based on the marks they score in the B.S. pre-medicine course.
  • Facilities are provided to the students to equip and prepare themselves for the USMLE Examination 1&2 and for the MCI FMG examination.
  • Latest digital equipments are installed at a high cost in all the laboratories in this medical university.
  • South Western Medical University which uses all the modern technology in teaching medicine collects Rs. 2.55 lakh only per year towards tuition fee. It will be around Rs.17 lakhs only for the entire course.

Accredited By

Medical Council of India
World Directory of Medical Schools
Federation of Advancement of International Medical Education & Research
Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
World Health Organization
Admission open 2019 - 2020

Dr. Peter Azner,
Chairman, South Western Medical University.

Since Medical Science is the noblest part of education that saves human souls, we devise our curriculum with the best of inventions in this field, available all over the world and continuously update the same. During the 4th year of the course, which is the last year, our students imbibe clinical experience by officiating as House Surgeons for 52 weeks. We also teach them lessons on Hospital Administration every year.

Mohammed Ghani,
Director, Limra.
The South Western University which has been functioning for the past 72 years at the Cebu City, Philippines has a confluence of students from all parts of the world, studying Medicine. Headquartered at Chennai, Limra Overseas Education which gives consultation on medical education has been recently appointed as the Authorised Representative of the South Western University. During an official meeting with Mr. Mohammed Ghani, the Director of Limra, its Dean Dr. Peter Azner explained in detail the various facilities that the university offers to our Indian students. We offer here the gist of their conversation.

Dean Dr. Azner: Though this university is traditional from its inception, it continues to revise its curriculum with the modern technology in the medical field. The syllabus of the medical course is updated with the latest trends in medicine and surgery. We follow the American pattern of teaching medicine and surgery. One has to do the Pre-Medicine course B.S. before proceeding to do a course in medicine.

Normally in other universities, students do this course in the colleges outside the university. But South Western Medical University conducts this course for 12 months. We introduce subject papers on Medicine in this course itself. Moreover, foreign students who score high marks in this course are given Fee concession and Scholarship in the subsequent years.

Dean Dr. Azner: We provide enough clinical experience from the first year of the study itself. During the first year, the students will have an equal number of hours of treating the patients as that of lecture hours. From second year onwards, the patient treatment training will be taken up for more time.
Dean Dr. Azner: It is a genuine doubt because the university is situated on an island. Five multi-specialty hospitals are attached to this university to provide clinical experience to the students.
Each hospital is noted for certain specializations.
350 bedded CHONG HUA hospital is noted for specializing on cancer patients. The Sacred Heart Hospital with 110 beds in this university campus is specializing in general medicine. This hospital is getting extended soon to treat more patients. The GOVERNOR CELESTINO GALLARES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (GCGMH) in Tagbilaran city, attached to this university with 526 beds concentrates on public health in general.
Another attached Hospital PERPETUAL SUCCOUR takes up research on infectious diseases. It has 240 beds and is adding more beds in the near future.
Besides all these, we have a tie-up with the SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST HOSPITALS group in the USA to which our doctors will be sent on rotation to have more clinical experience. This group runs 15 hospitals in various cities in the USA.
Dean Dr Azner: Whenever a new technology is introduced at any corner of the world and if it is an updated and improved one, we will install it in our college and hospital. For example, we have introduced 3 Dimension simulator that shows the human organs in three dimension figures. “Anatomage Table” that shows the human body and its parts with great details helps students’ learning of Anatomy and surgical treatment to the patients. The ‘Simulation Lab’ provides a virtual image of human organs and makes repetitive learning possible without any loss of blood and organs.
Dean Dr. Azner: Only medical science has the power to save the lives of human beings. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in updating the complete curriculum. I will provide the details now. At the final fourth year of the curriculum, our students get training as House Surgeons during all the 52 weeks. They get clinical training under eleven divisions. They are ” DERMATOLOGY, ENT, FAMILY PLANNING, MEDICINE, OG, OPHTHALMOLOGY, PEDIATRICS , PCM , PSYCHIATRY, RADIOLOGY AND SURGERY”. Every year, a subject paper dealing with the administration of the hospital is taught to the students. During the first year, MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE & MEDICAL ETHICS, second year LEGAL MEDICINE, and during the third year JUNIOR CLERKSHIP are taught. Our university medical school is acclaimed all over the world for its OTOLARYNGOLOGY paper. This deals with ENT combined with Head and Neck surgery and related medicine. A subject paper that deals with the functioning of the brain viz NERO ANATOMY is specially designed in this university. All these new subject papers give strong foundation to face the USMLE examination.
Dean Dr. Azner: I am happy to inform you that majority of the foreign students here are from India.

Our university office communicates with the medical councils of other countries and provide all documents for recognising our medical courses. We have made special arrangements to provide all documents on demand that the foreign students require to clear legal formalities. We also offer special scholarships to the students from abroad. We provide complete security to both men and women students from other countries.
Dean Dr. Azner: Since our aim is to provide the best courses on medicine to students worldwide, we demand a very low fees compared to other universities here. If you compare the fee collected during 2014 with what we collect now, you will understand it is two third of the earlier fee. For one year, the expenses towards education will be from Rs. 55,000 to Rs.77,000 only.
Dean Dr. Azner: The curriculum for the UG degree in medicine is built in such a way that it helps students to pursue higher studies. Precisely, I can say they help the students face the USMLE examination very easily. Moreover, we concentrate research on Medicine and Surgery. This has resulted in our doctors practising in almost all European countries and in the USA


Course Code Course Title Term Lec Lab No. of Units
MED 101 Gross Anatomy Yearly 6 12 18
MED 102 Biochemistry Yearly 6 6 12
MED 103 Physiology Yearly 6 6 12
MED 104 Histology Yearly 4 6 10
MED 105 Parasitology Semestral 4 4 8
MED 106 Nero Anatomy Semestral 3 4 7
MED 107 Preventive, Family & Community Med. 1 Yearly 6 6
MED 108 Medical Jurisprudence & Medical Ethics Semestral 3 3
Total Number of Units 76
Course Code Course Title Term Lec Lab No. of Units
MED 201 General Pathology Yearly 10 8 18
MED 202 Pharmacology & Toxicology 2 Yearly 8 6 14
MED 203 Physical Diagnosis Yearly 4 8 12
MED 204 Microbiology & Immunology Semestral 4 6 10
MED 205 Clinical Pathology Yearly 4 2 6
MED 206 Surgery 1 Yearly 5 5
MED 207 Preventive, Family & Community Med 2 Yearly 4 4
MED 208 Legal Medicine Semestral 3 3
MED 209 Psychiatry 1 Yearly 3 3
Total Number of Units 75
Course Code Course Title Term Lec Lab No. of Units
MED 301 Junior Clerkship Yearly 16 10
MED 302 Internal Medicine Yearly 10 10
MED 303 Pediatrics Yearly 10 10
MED 304 Surgery 2 Yearly 10 10
MED 305 Obstetrics Yearly 8 8
MED 306 Gynecology Yearly 4 4
MED 307 Preventive Family & Community Med 3 Yearly 4 4
MED 308 Specialty Lecture Yearly 4 4
MED 309 Neurology Semestral 3 3
MED 310 Ophthalmology Semestral 3 3
MED 311 Otolaryngology Semestral 3 3
MED 312 Psychiatry 2 Semestral 3 3
MED 313 Family Planning Semestral 2 2
MED 314 Dermatology Semestral 2 2
Total Number of Units 82
Course Code Course Title
MED 401 Dermatology
MED 403 Family Planning
MED 404 Medicine
MED 405 OB Gyne
MED 406 Ophthalmology
MED 407 Pediatrics
MED 409 Psychiatry
MED 410 Radiology
MED 411 Surgery
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